Self-initiated animated art project

An imaginary world of geometric, stackable characters that exist in pleasing and infinitely looping scenarios.

This is an ongoing, growing series of characters I am designing and animating. Through this project I want to create something playful, but thought-provoking in which characters perfectly suit their surroundings and fit neatly into the bounds of real world physics, kinetics and cause and effect.

As this is a self-initiated project, I am solely responsible for the character design, animation and sound design for this growing series of characters. I'll be adding more loops here as I make them, but the best way to see new loops as they get made is on my Instagram.

The modelling and animation were done in C4D and I use Octane for rendering.

Sound design

Each loop has an audio track which sits somewhere between soundtrack and sound effects. I create these using Auxy on the iPad (or occasionally Garageband). It's a lot of fun working things out so you correctly marry up the animation to the beats and bars of the audio.